New Project for 2017

Forgotten Women of the Great War

2017 a new year and a new project, we at Wenches have thought long and hard as what to do next?

How can we further the recognition of those women who bravely went to war in all kinds of roles?

Much research has been done and we were amazed to discover that of the many many women who lost their lives in the Great War due to sickness, weariness and indeed injury, although remembered by Commonwealth War Graves, a lot are not included on the war memorials of their respective towns and villages.

A good example is young Kitty Trevelyan who left her Dartmoor hamlet of Meavy aged about 17 or 18. Kitty was employed as a civilian worker with Army canteens. In february 1917 she caught Measles and quickly developed Pneumonia. She died on 27thFebruary and lies in Wimereaux Cemetery in the Pas De Calais France aged just 19.

In her village there have been just 3 names on the tiny memorial for the past 100 years. No reason is given for the omission we can only deduct that she was left off because she was a woman.

Because of this we have decided that for the next couple of years our main project will be – Forgotten Women Of The Great War, or as we are affectionally calling it Operation Kitty.

Our goal is to add as many women to their towns memorials as possible. We already have a good list of names to start us off.

If you think that you have a female relative or you know of any female who died in that war while serving either here or overseas and she is not on the memorial please contact us here at Wenches.

We are very proud to add that on February 26th 2017 we will be in Meavy to hold a ceremony and to unveil the memorial which now has Kitty’s name added almost 100 years to the day after she died.


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