Bodmin Trench

After taking part in this fantastic even, our founder Sue Robinson has written an account for you all.


“Early in 2018 I had a meeting with a chap called Jason Squibb about an immersive theatre production that he was going to put together for the summer up at our Regimental museum Bodmin Cornwall (DCLI). 

I agreed that Wenches would be part of it, never knowing the impact it would have. Come June 15th we turned up, minus tents as they had been badly stored and were covered in Mildew. The museum loaned us a tent and we managed.

From day 1 this immersive theatre was not like aything we had ever done or expected to do. Every night was different. We mixed up blood and our girls had much fun daubing it on peoples faces and arms after the battle. Each night once the audience had entered the trench we quietly went down the field and made a cemetery of white crosses. The first time I saw the VADs standing amongst these I felt a chill down my spine.

As the month progressed it just got better and better. When the steam train pulled in each night carrying the audience and actors we were the first sight they saw as they alighted onto the battlefield. When they pulled away at the end we were the last sight they saw, our girls stood and waved until they were out of sight.

All in all its the best event that we have ever been involved with and I was sad when it ended.
I would like to say a huge thank you to The Duke of Cornwall’s light infantry Museum Bodmin, Mary Godwin, Jason Squibb, all the actors and most of all to the volunteers who came night after night to put on our uniforms and represent the valiant women of the Great War so splendidly.
I hope that we truly honoured these magnificent women”.

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