Somme 29th May

We have had a busy day on the Somme today. Starting with a visit to Lochnagar Crater to meet up with the ITV crew that are interviewing Head Wench Sue today. When we arrived their was a lot of activity onsite. As this is the ‘working weekend’ for the Friends Of Lochnagar. Strimming, clearing, cutting, burning, tidying and so much more to prepare the site for the summer visitors, it is all hands on deck for many volunteers who come across for this weekend.
Our interviewer Derek Johnson was standing at the bottom of the crater with his camera woman Siobhan. He looks quite out of place in his dark blue suit and deep red tie while everyone else around him was dressed in work clothing. We agree to meet up later to film the interview. In the meantime we go to check the progress of Wenches bench. It has been fully sanded and the coat of protective varnish is being applied as we arrive…it is looking very good.

We met up with Derek and Siobhan at Le Tommy’s Museum in Poizier for the interview. Owner Dominic kindly allowed us to film in the replica trenches that he has on his land. Sat with a backdrop of stretchers and poppies Sue told Derek all about her Grannie ‘Flossie’ who was the inspiration for Wenches In Trenches. The interview will form part of a series of items to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme on July 1st and will be shown on Meridian ITV. We will keep you updated with times etc

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  1. Thanks for posting Suzanna. Great photographs and wonderful to see all the volunteers taking care of the trenches.

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