Our Team

Here at Wenches In Trenches we could not do what we do without the help and support of a brilliant and enthusiastic team. From the trustees to the local volunteers, everyone has their part to play in the smooth running of the company. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that gives up their time to make Wenches In Trenches what it is. We would like to introduce some of the fabulous people that help us.

Sue Robinson FRSA – Founder I have
lived in Cornwall for many years. Having worked for many charities and foundations over the years, I now run   Wenches In Trenches. I  founded Wenches In Trenches in 2007. I hope that we can bring back some of the stories and memories that get lost in time.

Suzanna Green – Secretary – Co Durham
Suzanna joined Wenches In Trenches in 2011 when she lived in Cornwall. She ran this website for the years that its been up along with her husband Simon who is an ex Green jacket. Suzanna unfortunately passed away in December 2018. I lost my dear friend and my right hand woman.

Heidi Sandford

Heidi works as a volunteer for CWWG and has a good knowledge of the cemeteries especially on the Western Front where many of our won=man are buried. She and I normally travel together for research in Northern France

Sue Williams – VAD & Nurse Research – Gloucestershire
Sue has been a Mental Health Nurse for over 33 years, qualifying as a psychiatric nurse in 1985. Sue remains passionate and dedicated to her role now as a community nurse in Gloucestershire. Sue has a life-long interest in WW1 and those who experienced the conflict of the war, whether at home or on the Western Front. She has a particular interest in the legacy of WW1 in terms of mental health services and the ground breaking treatments of the day.

Julie Cauvin – Researcher – Kent

Sarah Snow – Researcher & Translator – London
Sarah lives in the South East of England and is currently working as a History teacher. She has lived abroad for many years. Having been brought up in Belgium and schooled in France, Sarah is the perfect choice to be our translator.

JLU Accountancy 10 Parade St Penzance TR184bU

Our Patrons

Simon Weston CBE

I am deeply flattered to have been asked to be patron to this wonderful organisation.

It has been my privilege to have been asked to go and speak at many events up and down the UK and over the years I have met some fantastic inspirational people, none more so than the women at Wenches in Trenches. Not only do they spend their day caring for those in need but in their spare time, they give up 2 days a year to raise money for many small charities, all of which rely on the donations they receive.
My mother was a district nurse so have some understanding of the hard work nurses do, so to go this extra mile is remarkable.
As a man with a military background, I am obviously thrilled to see so many military charities supported and especially pleased to see these nurses helping to recognise the medical personnel who sadly lost their lives in some of the tragic conflicts that have taken place. If you get a chance to support this organisation, I really encourage you to do so. Congratulations to you all and I hope one day I can join you on your walk (if I am allowed too off course)

Sarah Phelps

I’m so proud to be a patron of the organisation Wenches In Trenches, honouring and remembering the extraordinary courage and passionate dedication of the military, civilian and volunteer nurses of World War 1. (picture courtesy of Dan Hall)

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.