Not Long To Go

I can’t believe it is nearly time for us to embark on our walk in Belgium! It is just over 2 weeks until we leave for Ypres.
Everybody is busy fundraising and we thank all those who have donated so far. To those who have not donated yet…WHY?
Come on all we ask is for a couple of pounds, it wont break the bank but it will help us tremendously. Just click the link below and pay with either Paypal or your credit/debit card.

The uniforms are all just about finished, only a few finishing touches to go. We are going to look amazing!
All Wenches are working hard to get donations from their friends and families. We have a good amount coming in through the Paypal donate button.
All transport has been sorted, Eurotunnel and accommodation booked. There is not much else left to do now.

So we just want to say a big thank you to everyone that has given up their time, skills and support to make our event happen.
A massive thank you to Head Wench Sue R for all her hard work and organisation even when she was very ill.
Thank you to The Giving Shop in Penzance for the making of the uniforms.
Thank you to Vospers UK for the donation of the Minibus to transport us all to and from Belgium.
Thank you to everyone that has already, and those yet to donate.
Finally thank you to the Wenches, each and everyone, for giving up your time to participate in this years walk.


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