This is unrelated to Wenches, sort of, but I need to explain the picture of the white dog on the  Making Of The Dresses – Part 2 on the NEWS page.

The picture is of Wench Suzanna’s dog Minty. He was a rescue dog that she got in 2012 as a companion for her husband Simon, who is a veteran with PTSD. Minty became the mascot of Head Wench Sue R and the Wenches. Suzanna used to visit the office in Penzance a couple of times a week and Minty would often come with her. He really loved Sue and everyone loved him. He was always so very happy to see Sue whenever she visited Suzanna and Simon at home.

Sadly just after their move to the North East Minty passed away from a heart attack..he was only 2.He is very sadly missed.

Suzanna is the person that does the website and while uploading the most recent post suddenly Minty’s picture appeared. Thinking it had been put in the images by mistake, Suzanna went to take it out, only to find that it didnt seem to be there?
Her husband, who is a genius on computers, also had a look and there is no trace of the picture in the ‘code’ of the website, yet it is there.
It is only showing on the post on the NEWS page, if you click on the post and view it alone there is no picture of Minty showing?

So we think Minty just wanted to say Hi to Sue R and all the Wenches. 🙂

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