Memorial Bench Finally Unveiled

We have just returned to our accommodation after spending the morning at Lochnagar Crater for the July 1st ceremony. We proudly laid a wreath during the ceremony on behalf of all the Nurses and VADs of WW1. The service was very nice and there were lots of people attending from all over the world. We even saw 2 young ladies dressed as French Nurses, they also joined us for the wreath laying ceremony.

Once the wreath laying was complete everyone on site took part in the throwing of the poppy petals in the crater. Everyone took handfuls of poppy petals and threw them into the crater. A beautiful sight.
Once this was done everyone holds hands in a chain around the whole perimeter of the crater.



After the service there was 2 smaller ceremonies. One for the RAF Mountain Rescue team in Scotland. The second was for the unveiling and blessing of our first memorial bench. This we were very excited to see after months of secrecy from Vinnie, the carpenter. While the service for RAF Mountain Rescue was underway we were interviewed for French TV! We were also interviewed and photographed by an Australian journalist for Western Australian News.

wenchesfrance0615_104wenchesfrance0615_115Once we were ready everyone made their way to the site of our memorial, which was shrouded in a striking green tarpaulin. Waiting for everyone to gather felt like a very long time. Joined by a French Nurse, Sue R, Suzanna and Audrey stood in front of the bench and held their breath. Finally the tarpaulin was lifted to reveal the handcrafted, 9 seater, semi-elipse bench. Each seat back centred with a red cross and the words ” In Memory Of The Nurses And VADs Of All Nations Who Served In The Great War” set across the top of the bench. The words repeated in French along the bottom.


We were all so pleased with the bench. We have to say a massive thank you to Vinnie, who gave his time and skills for free to craft this beautiful bench for us.
We laid a wreath on the bench for the Nurses & VADs from all at Wenches, then sat for the first time on the bench. The Chaplin of Lochnagar said a small blessing for the bench and Sue R gave a small speech of thanks to everyone that has helped to get this project done.wenchesfrance0615_116

After lots and lots of photographs from many of the bystanders we thought we were done. Then Richard Dunning, who owns the Crater, stepped forward and gave another small speech then presented Sue R with an amazing wooden plaque. Beautifully carved by one of the Lochnagar team, Tim, it depicts a scene of Nurses aiding a wounded soldier.

We are so grateful for everyone that has sponsored or donated to Wenches In Trenches – Roses Of No Mans Land. We have achieved our first memorial bench, a very important and special moment for the whole team, but especially Head Wench Sue, whose Granny Isabella was the inspiration for the whole memorial project.

We now have to focus on the granite memorial that will be placed at the site next year.wenchesfrance0615_111

5 thoughts on “Memorial Bench Finally Unveiled

  1. The bench is beautiful I am so proud to be part of Wenches in Trenches .
    Safe journey home my dear friends

  2. Well done all the Wenches, the women have been overlooked for far too long. The bench is a fitting tribute to them.

  3. Congratulations on this momentous occasion, you must be justly very proud. Looking forward to seeing the bench for myself in September.

  4. As you know the bench is not fully complete yet
    Once we return Vin will be able to do the finishing
    Handcrafting an eight seater bench and fitting
    The many pieces in that heat was a lengthy task
    That Vin was proud to do for the nurses and VAD’s

    In particular when the surrounding area is complete
    and grass grown (400 stumps tirelessly remove
    By The Friends) the whole area and bench
    Will look and feel even better

    Thank you for the feed back

  5. Visited in June 16 Brought a lump to my throat. As a nurse I felt very proud of all who served in the great war and all arenas of war since

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