Kitty Added To Memorial

Today we gathered in the beautiful hamlet of Meavy in Devon, in the rain, for the unveiling of the war memorial that now has young Kitty Trevelyan’s name on it. Kitty went to France in WW1 and was employed as a civilian worker with Army Canteens. After contracting Measles then developing Pneumonia sadly she died at just age 19. She is buried in Wimereaux Cemetery in Pais De Calais, France. Kitty died on 27th February 1917, 100 years ago tomorrow!

Wenches In Trenches are very proud to have been able to organise and fund the addition of Kitty’s name to Meavy’s war memorial. There was a good turnout at the memorial to help us remember Kitty, including her Great Nephew, Oliver.
The last post was played by members of the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Band. 

We would like to thank everyone that turned up today. It has been a fabulous day and a great start to our Forgotten Women Of The Great War project.

3 thoughts on “Kitty Added To Memorial

  1. Beautiful photos. I truly appreciate the good work you all do. I am from Manchester, and now live in Australia. My father served in the Second World War and my grandfather in the first. We were always made aware of the role women made in these and other wars. Bless you all. Maureen Fitzgerald.

  2. Hi Thank you for this site, I was able to inform some of the Nurses in New Zealand of the Nursing Memorial Appeal.
    Was so pleased to do so.
    I hope we all may be able to meet at the dedication of the Nursing Memorial later this year.

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