Eve Of Our Walk

Today is the eve of our walk. We started our day with the most amazing breakfast at Varlet Farm. Once we had all eaten our fill we made our way to Tyne Cot Cemetery. This Cemetery has the graves of over 11,000 fallen soldiers. The morning was cooler than the last few days and quite misty, giving the Cemetery a very eerie feeling.

Our next stop was Passchendaele Museum. What a fascinating place. They have a mock up of some dugouts to give you the feeling of what it must have been like for the troops. Quite surreal walking through the corridors and seeing the rooms that represent what the soldiers would have put up with. Very cramped conditions. There were also examples of both German and British trenches that you could walk through. The rest of the museum was very interesting. Well worth a visit.
We had lunch at The Passchendaele Pub. We were made to feel extremely welcome and the food was delicious. We definitely recommend a visit here.

Next we went to Essex Farm Cemetery. This is was an advanced dressing station and some of the bunkers still remain. This cemetery has the grave of Valentine Sturdwick of the 8th Rifle Brigade. He was only 15 when he was killed.
This is also where John McCrae wrote the famous poem In Flanders Fields

We are now getting the last few preparations done for our walk tomorrow. It is going to be a brilliant and moving day.

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