nurse3Who Are The Wenches

Wenches in Trenches are a group of like minded women who do a sponsored walk once a year, usually  in September somewhere on the Western Front. We aim to have as much fun as we can while raising awareness and funds for military causes. We are currently in Year 1 of a 4 year project to get some permanent memorials to the Nurses and VAD’s of WW1.
In previous years we have raised money for military causes such as parcels for troops, funds to help children of injured troops, RBL Somme Branch and La Boisselle study group to name just a few.
Any woman can walk with us as long as they get sponsored. We have women from all walks of life, nurses,ex army medics, teachers, sales girls, veterans wives etc. All you need is a sense of humour and some sponsorship.

Why We Do What We Donurse

Many women served as nurses and Voluntary aid detachments (VAD’s) during the Great War, most of the volunteers were middle class daughters who normally would have stayed in the home and never gone out to work.  Because of these women it went a long way to changing the way women lived their lives post war.

Trained nurses and Military nurses were at first opposed to the VADs but soon they realised their worth. Many women died from infection, some were killed but a great deal returned home to normal lives. These women seemed to be forgotten and memorials to them are few and far between. We intend to put a memorial bench in the garden of Talbot House Poperinghe Belgium, also one in the gardens of The Ariane Hotel Ypres and one at Lochnagar Crater on the Somme Battlefields France. We feel this is our way of remembering and honouring these brave and often forgotten women. 


beverley_gall_2014-20If you would like to join us on a future walk, or are interested in donating please contact us for more information



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